Hilldale Civitan Membership Information

Civitan is a worldwide, all volunteer, non-profit, service organization where men and women have an organized way of approaching local community needs through hands-on service and fund raising. We emphasize serving people with mental and physical disabilities. Local clubs are supported by Civitan International, which was organized in 1917 and spans over 23 countries. The word CIVITAN is from the Latin word "CIVITAS", which means CITIZENSHIP.

Civitan has prestigious recognition in the world of volunteer service organizations. In 1974 Civitan became the first organization of its type to actively seek both men and women members. Hilldale Civitan is a traditional club seeking the membership of any person, male or female, at least 18 years of age and of good character and reputation.

Why Should You Join?

  • Hilldale Civitan Club is first and foremost a hands-on service organization. We look for opportunities in the community where our volunteerism can be of most value. Projects are selected at the local club level, which gives the club a unique responsiveness to its community.
  • Business, Club Management and Social Opportunities are built-in. In addition, new friendships are made that may last a lifetime.
  • To support our youth and our Junior Civitan Club in order to teach young people leadership skills and community responsibility
  • Civitans experience new skills in management, public speaking, leadership and project management, incorporated with the satisfaction of helping others.
  • Supported by Civitan International, there are over 40,000 members in 23 countries and includes the Civitan International Research Center finding treatment and prevention of developmental disabilities, Alzheimer’s Disease and brain tumors.

We meet the first and third Tuesday of every month at the Clarksville County Club for lunch, a time of fellowship, and to discuss community needs and how the work we do through our club projects can assist in those needs.

For more information please contact the club via email.